F2 (Fun & Flustration)

Story :

Venky(Venkatesh) is a disappointed spouse who begins despising his wife(Tamannaah) soon after a half year of his marriage This is additionally when Varun(Varun Tej) experiences passionate feelings for Honey(Mehreen) who is Venky’s insane sister in law. This prompts more issues for the disappointed men.

After a point in the film, the disappointment gets to the pair so much that they leave their friends and family and run away to Europe. There, they confront a fatal circumstance and stall out in much more serious issues including their spouses. Rest of the story is with respect to how they leave their issues and win their adoration back.

Positives :

Venkatesh is back in top form and is hilarious in the film. His facial expressions and the manner in which he evokes the Bakra comedy is quite good. It is nice to see him in a lovable role after a long time which family audience will easily connect to. Credit to should go to Varun Tej for holding his fort in front of a senior artist like Venky. Varun not only had to get his Telangana slang right but had to also evoke slapstick comedy which he did quite well and gelled with Venky superbly.

It was great to see Y Vijaya and Annapurna in great jobs after quite a while. Tamannaah looks perfect in the film and the unexpected bundle is Mehreen who evoked senseless articulations and parody sublimely. The puppy scene is funny and will inspire colossal cheers in the theatre. The principal half is loaded up with a lot of fun minutes which are basic and clever. Prakash Raj was great and Vennela Kishore gives his comic touch to the film at last. Rajendra Prasad is additionally flawless in his job and gives the required chuckles.

Negatives :

There is no legitimate story in the film as the plot is water thin. Additionally, the contention point with which the saints separate from their friends and family isn’t set up well.

After a diverting first a large portion of, the beat of the film drops down and eases back the film to a degree. The parody evoked is just about alright amid this time as the rationale passes up a major opportunity in numerous spots. A melody in the peak exasperates the stream of the film at the crunch situtation.

Technical Specs :

Music by DSP is just about alright as was his experience score. Discoursed are clever and executive Anil has utilized them in right circumstances. Creation esteems by Dil Raju are first class as the film looks rich and the Europe visuals have been exhibited in a decent way by the camera office. Altering is respectable yet one melody in the second half could have been maintained a strategic distance from.

Going to the chief Anil Ravipudi, he has worked to perfection with the film. He has utilized Venkatesh’s capability to full utilize and made great satire at normal interims. He realizes the group of onlookers beat well and portrayed the film is a basic and fun way. In the event that he would have included some more rationale and fun in the second a large portion of the yield would have been wonderful.

Conclusion :

All in all, F2 is an upbeat fun film which can be viewed with your whole family. Vintage Venky is back and he ensures that there is all-round amusement in the film. There is no legitimate story or rationale in the second half yet this a sort of a film which ought to be delighted in keeping aside each one of those minor issues. As the Sankranthi season is on, the film will get a more extensive reach as it has basic and flawless fun which will awe many.