Embrace the principles of patriotism, High Court Judge Amarnath Goud

Freemasons celebrated the Republic Day in a most patriotic manner yesterday. To observe and celebrate the 70th India’s Republic Day, Lodge Keys No. 297, a primary unit of Freemasonry made a video film titled “Freemasons’ Salute to the Nation”.  The 2 minute long film was formally unveiled in a function held on Republic Day on Saturday at Goshamahal Baradari Masonic Building, at Goshamahal by Justice T. Amarnath Goud, Judge, High Court, Telangana.

Masons of Lodge Keys No. 297,  got national anthem music composed, roped in singers—Ashwini and Sampath to sing the song. Members with their families gave their voice in the form of chorus to the song(National Anthem). Then a video was shot on their members saluting to the national flag in the backdrop of historical monuments like Charminar, Golconda Fort, Buddha Statue, State Assembly and others informed G. Ashok, Worshipful Master of Lodge Keys.   

When we stood and sang National Anthem and Saluted our National Flag in the film, we did so, seriously, for our hopes for our children’s future, that they will inculcate  patriotism and also live the values, Freemasonry teaches us said D.Ramchandram, Secretary of the Lodge.

When Republic Day Celebrations become routine, something unique must happen to excite people. We had to put in extra efforts to make  this Republic Day a different day with the film.  It invoked lot of response from the Freemasonry fraternity in particular and public in general. 

National Holidays like Republic and Independence Day shouldn’t be considered as an another holiday.  It is the time for us to salute to those who made supreme sacrifices for the nation what it is today, Ram added.

Justice Amarnath Goud lauded the efforts of Lodge Keys for their novel initiative

Addressing the gathering he told them to “Embrace the principles of patriotism and live for moral truths, Freemasonry teaches you”.

Speaking further Justice Sri Amarnath Goud said, Freemasonry was a way of life. He urged people to emulate punctuality, other great principles of Freemasonry and values it propagates.

“Freemason’s Salute to the Nation”, the video film was produced by Lodge Keys 297 as part of its Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

The flag hoisting Function was organised by jointly by Goshamahal Baradari Masonic Building and Lodge Keys No.297.

Assistant Regional Grand Master Lokeshwar Reddy, G.Ashok Kumar, D.Ramchandram, Ramesh Manchala and Satyajit Tukjourkar, several members of the Lodge Keys and their family members, friends, invited guests  and others participated in the celebrations