Kothaga Maa Prayanam


Karthik(Priyanth) is a product build who is extremely present day in his manner of thinking. He becomes hopelessly enamored with Keerthi(Yamini Bhaskar) and proposes live in association with her. As Kerthi likewise does not put stock in the idea of marriage, she says and begins living with Karthik. Of course in any romantic tale, issues emerge between the lead combine and they get isolated. Rest of the story is with respect to how the couple arrive at a protected decision about their relationship and end up together once for all.


Actor Priyanth was noteworthy in his job and did his character to the best of his abilities. The way in which he displayed all articulations amid parody, feelings and sentiment says a lot of his ability.

Courageous woman Yamini Bhaskar was likewise great in her job. The youthful on-screen character was particularly great in the peak and displayed great development. The on-screen character who did the job of the courageous woman’s companion was likewise noteworthy in her supporting job and conveyed a ton of profundity to the procedures.


The idea of live-in relationship picked is great however has not been used well by any means. The contention point has not been set up well in the procedures and due to this numerous scenes look realistic and counterfeit

An excessive number of masala scenes between the lead match look somewhat absurd in the film and are just set to draw in the C focus gathering of people. Despite the fact that the saint does well, his job gets undue valor and heights which was not required at all for the film.

Technical Specs:

Music by Karthik is better than average and sounds well in the film. The camerawork is flawless and features the cutting edge set up convincingly. Creation estimations of this low spending film are entirely great. As said before, the executive neglected to create much show between the lead match and this brought the film down in a matter of seconds and bores the gathering of people.


All in all, Kottaga Ma Prayanam has a fascinating idea however the portrayal is unclear as the film has no captivating dramatization. There are a couple of unrefined scenes which will be loved by the B and C Center gathering of people however the film does not bode well as it has a thin clash point which won’t satisfy all.