Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week SS20

Nithya Reddy is a luxury prêt wear brand. It focuses on contemporary wear with an old-world charm. The designer’s abundant love for nature is seen in each bespoke and prêt wear piece she crafts. To keep the creations fresh and inimitable, this label crafts the outfits with jute and handloom fabrics and incorporates embossed embroidery and motifs depicting nature. To show the magic of nature through her outfits, Nithya Reddy has come up with a unique collection ‘Fiora Tales’ this time. The inspiration for this collection comes from the beautiful floral walls of the vintage French houses.

her collection is called Fiora Tales, in which I have used handloom fabrics implementing sustainability. The outfits are made breathable using light luxurious fabrics like jute, kora cotton, kadhi with a touch of organza to give a sheer appearance. The weaves are basic. We have incorporated a lot of different cuts and layering techniques to make such simple Indian rooted fabrics to give a rich vintage look. Various embossed embroidery techniques, jute yarns, and lace have been incorporated to add on. We have used bright pastel pink, yellow, ivories, etc. as our color palette.

Fashion …is simplicity and elegance to me. Sustainability in any form needs to be implemented.

Trends are important, as they help in creating different moods and designs for the seasons. But never let the current overpower my aesthetics. Experimenting with light and simple silhouettes with handcrafted embroidery, they not only look elegant but also give a chic look. Layering is another technique to make your look different and on point. According to my experience, this is what women desire.

Fiora Tales is a collection inspired by the Vintage French houses with beautiful floral wall art telling their own stories. The 70’s and 80’s age, the culture, the crafts, the murals of that time are my main inspiration.