Maharastra SSC exams 2019 claims lives of 2 students who committed suicide due to stress.

In one more instance of understudy suicide, three young lady understudies of Khamgaon devoured rodent poison after they dreaded flopping in the up-coming Maharashtra SSC Board Examination 2019. The three understudies were not persuaded after the down to earth examination and decided to make the extraordinary stride. According to Rupali, the understudy who survived, the young ladies took rodent toxic substance and after that had pani puri (spiced water balls). Two of the three-. Naina Sadashiv Shinde (age 16) and the Nikita Anil Rohnkar (age 15) surrendered. Rupali is basic and is being dealt with.

Prior it was assumed that the three young ladies had become sick because of harmful pani puri that they had. Be that as it may, the story was something different. Rupali Kishor Unvne’s (age 15), who is as yet basic told the police that the three had chosen consummation their lives after poor execution in the reasonable. Nikita brought the rodent poison from her home and them three had it. In the wake of devouring the equivalent, they chose to have pani puri and afterward returned home. The three are understudies of National High School in the city.

According to the report, the young ladies subsequent to expending the toxin went to their separate homes. Before long the condition deteriorated and the guardians hurried them all to the clinic. The three experienced queasiness and trouble in breathing. Nikita and Naina were not fortunate and capitulated. Rupali is still under treatment.

Maharashtra Board Examination for Class tenth or SSC examination would start from March 1, 2019. The board examination and placement test pressure are one of the main sources of understudy suicides.