Manikarnika,The Queen Of Jhansi


Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi is the true story of a warrior ruler Manikarnika(Kangana Ranaut), who remained despite seemingly insurmountable opposition to defend her kingdom Jhansi and proclaimed a war against the British standard to convey Independence to our Nation. Set in the timespan of 1890, the film gives an in detail portrayal of the braveness of Manikarnika and how she relinquished everything for the country.


Kangana Ranaut consummately fit in the job of Manikarnika and conveys a honor winning execution. Particularly, her acting amid a couple of critical enthusiastic scenes is extraordinary and conveys a great deal of profundity to the procedures. The manner in which she carries on like a ruler and her outward appearances are adept for the job. If not Rangana, nobody would have pulled off this job without any difficulty and most extreme commitment.

Interim square which features the significance of Laxmi in the kingdom is executed successfully. The subtleties of how Manikarnika’s name is changed to Laxmi-The Queen of Jhansi in the primary half is decent.

The war arrangements in the second half are executed in a holding way and convey a devoted vibe to the gathering of people. Ankita Lokhande and Mishti Chakraborty are an unexpected bundle in the film as these two young women are great as Manikarnika’s emotionally supportive network. Jisshu Sengupta, Danny Denzongpa are great in their given pivotal jobs.


The pace of the film is somewhat moderate on occasion which can be named as a major downside of the film. Despite the fact that the beginning procedures give an in detail character foundation of Manikarnika, they may not run well with an area of the group of onlookers.

Technical Specs:

Initially, Kangana ought to be acknowledged for adjusting both acting and heading work consummately. Our Telugu executive Krish should likewise be given credit as the movie has halfway been coordinated by him. Star essayist, K. Vijayendra Prasad has done his part impeccably by writing the untold story of an extraordinary warrior ruler in a decent way. Despite the fact that his screenplay has a couple of slacks, the general content is great.

Generation plan for the film is extraordinary as every one of the sets and outfits structured are engaging. Altering work is great as the film’s runtime is kept in cutoff points with no undesirable scenes. The cinematography is flawless as the film’s scale and rich set work is obvious on the screen. Music by Shankar– Ehsaan– Loy is fine and foundation score by Sanchit Balhara Ankit Balhara is well-suited for the film. Creation esteems by Zee Studios are rich and luxurious.


In general, Manikarnika is a coarse story of the unrecognized warrior ruler Laxmibai. The manner in which she battled with the British to shield her kingdom has been exhibited in a decent way. The film may do well in Hindi however the absence of appropriate advancements and a moderate paced portrayal may hamper the review understanding of the Telugu gathering of people. Thus, watch it at your own will