Story :

Vicky(Akhil) is a playboy who does not put stock in genuine connections. This is the time Nikki(Nidhi Aggarwal) succumbs to Vicky and proposes to him. Left with no decision, Vicky acknowledges her proposition and this is the time the issues in the romantic tale bloom and the couple go into disrepair. Rest of the story is with respect to how Vicky takes things in his grasp and wins his affection back.

Positives :

The commence of the film is contemporary as a normal story is set in the background of London and it looks great on screen. Akhil has grown great when contrasted with his past movies. Look and execution astute he does well in his job of a playboy and moves radiantly.

Nidhi Aggarwal is the star of the film as she gets a substantial job and performs convincingly. She has the looks and ability to become showbiz royalty and she was very proficient in her passionate character which had numerous shades yo depict.

Hyper Aadi spares the second half to a degree with his parody. Priyadarshi too inspires some enjoyment in the main half alongside Akhil and his track is composed well. Tunes are better than average and are a special reward to the film.

Negatives :

One of the greatest short purposes of the film is that it needs essential passionate associate in the sentiment office. Venky Atluri made great science between the lead match in his first film yet that isn’t the situation in Mr. Majnu as the sentiment is water thin and the feelings between the lead combine are not conveyed well.

The account of the film is ages old and has just the same old thing new to feature. The second half is the place things go down as it is difficult to comprehend with respect to for what reason does the courageous woman takes always to understand the saint’s genuine romance for her. The fundamental dramatization which a romantic tale needs is absent to a degree in the film amid this time.

Likewise, the supporting jobs played did not add a lot to the profundity of the film. A family fight is pointlessly hauled to no degree in the primary half just to build up saint’s job. Scenes like this bring down the film frequently.

Technical Specs :

Despite the fact that Thaman’s music score was just about alright to tune in, on-screen every one of his melodies look exquisite. His experience score was additionally very effective. Creation esteems by BVSN Prasad were first rate as the London visuals were caught magnificently by the camera group. Discoursed are slick as was the generation structure. Altering is frustrating as near 10 minutes could have been altered out in the second half.

Going to the chief Venky Atluri, he has made only an alright showing with regards to with the film. His story thought is straightforward however he couldn’t create the required screenplay in the film. He begins the procedures very fascinating yet does not create the required sentiment between the lead combine. There are some great parody scenes which continue coming in the middle of yet the absence of profundity in the romantic tale makes the procedures somewhat dull.

Conclusion :

In general, Mr. Majnu is another age sentimental dramatization which has a better than average setup. Be that as it may, the absence of passionate associate in the romantic tale brings things down a bit in the second half. The lead combine does well and holds the procedures to a degree. Curiosity insightful, there is just the same old thing new in the film yet some parody scenes click all over and keeps the watchers locked in. All we recommend you hold your desires in line and run in with the stream of this film which finishes as a beneath normal passage this end of the week.