The Accidental Prime Minister


The film begins off when Congress president Sonia Gandi chooses that Manmohan Singh played by Anupam Kher ought to wind up the executive of India in the wake of winning the decisions in 2004. The film is told through the eyes of Manmohan Singh’s then media guide Sanjay Baru(Akshay Khanna). The film is about how Manmohan Singh perseveres regardless of numerous inner political weights from the Congress party and what he did was best for the benefit of the nation.

Positives :

Anupam Kher nails it as Manmohan Singh and has imitated the previous PM in a great way. Be it his walk, or the manner in which he talked, everything was so great to see on screen. In any case, the feature of the film was Akshay Khanna through whom the film is told. His character has been built up so that it uncovers how the administration is run and what happens inside and how Manmohan Singh did not get the chance to do much. Akshay Khanna completed an eminent activity as Sanjay Baru.

The way in which Manmohan Singh experienced every one of the weights amid the atomic manages the US and how he was sidelined and in the long run rose on top has been displayed well. The primary portion of the film is begun well and every one of the scenes between Anupam Kher and Akshay Khanna have been executed pleasantly. Some key scenes where Sonia Gandhi did not need Rahul to take up the post of gathering president amid the different tricks have been executed boldly.


One of the greatest disadvantages of the film is that it needs grasping show in numerous spots. The chief had a few scenes to play with the screenplay and exhibit certain episodes in a sensible way yet that did not occur as the film is most politically right. There are a couple of scenes which grandstand the Congress government in an awful light and each one of those scenes are exhibited through the side characters and this does not give the film the essential impact.

The main half finishes strong however the second half does not have much clearness and finishes in a jiffy. What issues did Manmohan experience and why he needed to leave as the PM and how Rahul was made the PM hopeful in 2014, this has not been displayed well and this is the place the film goes down.

Technical Specs:

The vast majority of the shoot has been done in London and the generation structure needs an extraordinary notice as they have figured out how to motivate the workplace of the PM to look real. The foundation score is entirely great as it raises enter choices in the film from a positive point of view. Exchanges are not so incredible and could have been all the more grasping. Altering is slick as the film a straightforward and fresh run time. The Telugu naming done is really better than average enough as the voices picked for various on-screen characters in the film suit them well great. Never you get a vibe that you are watching a naming film.

Going to the chief Vijay Ratnakar, he has picked an exceptionally brave subject as his first motion picture and figured out how to get the preface and looks of the key characters well. He likewise begins the film in a grasping way and finishes the principal half well. Be that as it may, as he had such a large number of snags to exhibit the real truth, he simply wrapped up the film through the supporting cast of the film. There are relatively few discussions between Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh as the film was increasingly about what Manmohan Singh felt about his position which is exhibited through Akshay Khanna’s job.


All in all, The Accidental Prime Minister is a challenging endeavor at exhibiting what experienced India’s most renowned and disputable Prime Minister amid his term as the leader of the nation. The exhibitions from Anupam Kher and Akshay Khanna are first class yet the vital dramatization and realities displayed are not unreasonably grasping. Each one of the individuals who need to realize what Manmohan Singh experienced on an individual premise as a Prime Minister can give this film a shot however there is not all that much or grasping with respect to the Congress government which has been taken a couple of dives at in this motion picture